Colorado Voting Rights

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Voting rights in Colorado are under attack! And Colorado Progressive Action is working to protect them.

As part of a collaborative nationwide effort, Republicans have been hard at work trying to suppress the vote. During the 2011 legislative session, they introduced harmful bills that would have put more stringent I.D. requirements in place that would have made it difficult for young people, the elderly, people living in rural areas and people with disabilities to vote. In order to combat those moves, CPA entered into a statewide coalition that helped beat these harmful measures back.

However, our concerns do not stop with the legislative session. During the 2011 election cycle, former Republican election lawyer and now Secretary of State Scott Gessler decided that he would not allow county clerks to mail ballots to people he considered “inactive”. He deemed voters to be “inactive” if they had missed one election cycle. This means that many people who were expecting ballots did not get them. CPA supported Denver Clerk and Recorder, Debra Johnson, when she took Secretary Gessler to court to make sure that every eligible person had access to the vote. The district court judge ruled in Clerk Johnson’s favor, but Secretary Gessler is appealing the decision to the Colorado Supreme Court.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Recently, Gessler released a proposed rule that would completely overhaul Colorado's campaign finance laws and remove transparecy and accountability from political funding in this state. The proposed rule is 58 pages to the campaign finance law. CPA is launching an action campaign against these new rules and is looking for you to join in the campaign. For more information on this action please go here.

Now, with this years legislative session starting and Scott Gessler continuing to push anti-voting rights rules there is a lot of work for all of us to do. Please keep an eye on this page as we all work together to ensure voting remains a right not a priviledge for the wealthy, young and white.

Current actions you can participate in:

Testimony: Why HB 1267 hurts low-income and elderly voters!!!

Tell Scott Gessler not to sell persons voting rights to corporate persons.